The Homer Buddha Is Gone…

You may or may not have noticed that over the past few days the Homer Buddha is no longer in the store. That is, it’s gone for now. It was removed in the update that added the new mystery box, most likely due to the odds of winning good prizes in the new mystery box inevitably meant that sales of the Homer Buddha would basically stop so they removed it.

It will return, along with the old mystery box on May 1st.


11 thoughts on “The Homer Buddha Is Gone…

  1. do not buy the mystery box. i’ve gotten JUNK, NON PREMIUM ITEMS. When I get it on day 5, it’s been good, but when bought I got a food stand and bench. not worth 6 donuts.

  2. I brought mystery boxes, got lard land donuts, channel van, itchy and scratchy billboard, tire fire, 2 onda cars, 2 ponds, 30 donuts – probably because already have squeaky voice teen. My daughter on her game got squeaky voice teen and Kearney. So yeah the premium items are there.

  3. I received Kearney, the blue haired lawyer, a news van, 2×30 donuts, itchy & scratchy billboard, (and some disappointing items from the new mystery box)… Overall, I feel like I’m WAY ahead with the prizes! Love it!

  4. I totally agree Colleen I’ve definitely got in the boxes than I would of spent. Like you I love the new mystery box but know that some people are probably not doing as well as we are

  5. I got 5 lard lads 6 vans 6 signs 30 donuts 3times 10donuts 2 times and of coarse the junk stuff .still way ahead on goodies

    • Yeah easter was one of my favorite events despite it having a wheel. I hope we get a creative event soon. Superheroes was good, but it went on a bit too long like clash of clones. I’d like a Simpsons Movie themed event (dome event), Monorail Event, or maybe an out lands expansion event.

  6. mystery box is great: got 30 donuts, the itchy&scratchy bill board, lard lad donuts and the bonfire, plus of course 3 not interesting items , but i am happy! Goood deal!

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