Mr. Teeny Now An NPC!

As part of yesterdays level 51 update EA have decided to make Mr. Teeny an NPC. An NPC, for those of you who don’t know, is a non-playable character – kind of like the Bunny that gave out tasks during Easter. As such, Krusty’s 12 hour ‘Walk Mr. Teeny’ task has been removed and anyone who had set him on that task prior to the update will find Krusty wandering aimlessly the next time you log in, If you’re having trouble finding Mr. Teeny fear not, he is there EA just made him smaller, making him harder to spot!


2 thoughts on “Mr. Teeny Now An NPC!

  1. Good…….I hated him always tying up Krusty or if I boxed him in storage he was next up in the task bar..

    • Same here. He should have another ‘solo’ quest. Krusty did lost his 12 hours job now… But enough other costumes for Krusty that do have 12 hours quests..

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