What Would You Like To See Next?

What’s up guys! As you may have noticed the premium walkthroughs for Level 51 have been a bit delayed as I have been a lot busier then expected this week but I really do hope to get them out to you within the next 24 hours.

Anyway, on with the point if this post, what you’d like to see next! Now, we just got Level 51 last week but I am already looking forward – forward to what the next event might be!

Traditionally we have always gotten a bug update in April, so I see no reason why this month will be no different, in the past we’ve gotten Whacking Day which was awesome and Easter, which is quite possible the worst event they’ve ever created.

Moving forward, April is obviously a mixed bag of the good and the bad, but what, if anything, would you like to see as the next event? Don’t forget to include any ideas you have about the event like currency, prizes or storylines!


10 thoughts on “What Would You Like To See Next?

  1. More features on krusty land better ways of gaining xp as getting from level 48 onwards seems to take forever to get xp and only having 60 min goals starts to get boring

  2. Maggie Simpson! Cars on roads! More basic build features (we have river, road, grass and concrete) how about mud, wild grass, mowed grass, random grassy bit and cobblestone. Some hills. Rivers that go to the sea! Rocks. Rocky beach, rocks in sea and cliffs. Weather features, so you can pick stormy weather or snow. Railway. Sports field, football pitch. Motorway. Garden plots (whole landscape gardens) that would make designing easier, placing easier and help player keep under thier placed item limit (and reduce memory size needed/used and lag, glitches). Forest tiles laid like roads/water (instead of having to place every single tree!)

  3. Expansions like Shelbyville or Capital City. How about the Tomacco Farm as competition for Cletus? As for Nightstalker, those are great ideas. Any of those would be great too.

  4. Always ask for more land. I’d like Monorail. Herb. Now that we have Frank Grimes, we should also get Frank Grimes, Jr. Homer’s Mother would be a nice addition. Gabbo. Springfield Gorge (not sure how to do this)

    I’d love to see an Event built around the episode “the computer wore menace shoes”. That was the episode where Homer was the Mr. X blogger & was kidnapped & taken to a strange island replaced by a duplicate Homer.

    Not sure how, but that’s not my job 🙂

    But always LAND.

  5. Springshire
    Fiesta Terrace
    Old Simpson Farm
    Kentucky Fried Panda
    Springfield Country Club
    Buck McCoy & Mansion
    Stacy Lovell & Pink Mansion
    Baby Gerald
    Mary Spuckler
    Gina Vendetti
    And a tree that grows doughnuts 🙂

  6. Need land!!!!!!!
    I have so much stuff in storage its ridiculous because I have no place to put it. I also have over 111 million dollars and can’t buy anything cause i have no place to put it.

  7. They also need to start offering stuff that costs a ton of money. Bring back some buildings that cost $10 million +

    Or let me have the ability to buy Krustyland tickets with my cash?

    KrustyLand stuff.

  8. Do you think they’d ever put out Troy McClure?
    Some great stuff could come with him. An Aquarium, his round house, a ton of acting role side stuff.

    And while we’re on the subject of characters voiced by Phil Hartman, Lionel Hutz would be AWESOME!

    I realize The Simpsons are being respectful to the deceased members of their cast, but, it could also be a nice way on honoring them. Hut & McClure were amazing characters, voiced brilliantly by Hartman.

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