A Quick Quest Run Through

Here’s a quick overview of the first couple of tasks for the Terwilliger Family Event!

  • Make Cecil Make Amends (4 hours)
  • Make Springfielders Vote on Whether Cecil Can Stay x4 (1 hour)
  • Build Monsarno Research
  • Make Cletus Make a Donation to Science (8 hours)
  • Upgrade Monsarno Research to Level 3 and
    Make Homer Advance Food Science (4 hours)
  • Make Lisa Protest Monsarno Playing God (4 hours)
  • Make Lisa Free the Mutant Vegetables (1 hour)
  • Deploy Mutant Seedlings in Other Springfields
  • Craft Springfield Farmers Market

3 thoughts on “A Quick Quest Run Through

  1. I have got up to level 3 and have done the quest with Homer to make him advance food science but I can’t get Lisa to do her quests what am I missing?

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