A Bont Of Friendship

After tapping on Hank Scorpio’s exclamation mark
Tapped Out Hank Scorpio Icon.png It’s that time of year again. Time to send out a big thank you to a special former employee!
Tapped Out Hank Scorpio Icon.png Without his faithful service, and my fusion-fueled, death ray-equipped, rocket escape sled, I might have spent the holidays as Interpol’s prisoner.
The player receives “A Bont of Friendship” which is to “Make Hank Scorpio Send Homer a Holiday Gift”. It takes 6 hours.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Hey, look Marge! A thank you gift from Hank Scorpio!
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png “Dear Homer. As Project Arcturus enters Phase 48, fondly remembering you and your contributions. I hope you and your family are well.”
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png “Speaking of, try to avoid being within a fifty-mile radius of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis on January 6, 4:00:00 GMT.”
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png “Also, best to avoid anywhere downwind of that location for whatever the half-life of Mendelevium is. Please accept this gift. Cheers! Hank.”

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