Phase 2 Is LIVE!

Hey guys, sorry for the radio silence lately, my computer has given up on me again but I should have access to a laptop from tomorrow.

Until then, phase 2 has gone live and new prizes, and purchases have been made available. I’ll have an in depth look at it all tomorrow. Talk soon guys!


Neighbour Visits Are Pointless!

So, we’ve been enjoying this event for the past number of days and I’ve come to realise something – neighbour visits are completely pointless this time around!

When you visit a neighbour, assuming they’ve updated that is, you get just one spade per action, meaning you get just 3 spades per visit, per neighbour.

Unlike other events though, it is possible to get event currency from all of your neighbours. However it just doesn’t seem worth all the effort this time around.

As for the weird ass green things in neighbours towns – they are more likely to give you crafting materials rather then spades and besides, you can accumulate crafting materials easily enough in your own town.

The premium farmers licence doesn’t do much either. It just doubles the number of spades you get in neighbours towns from 3 – 6. So not worth what they’re asking for it.

So, with that little rant out if the way, will you be visiting your neighbours?

Here’s A List Of Cecil’s Tasks

As mentioned yesterday, here’s list of tasks that Cecil may ask you to do but beware it does contain SPOILERS for upcoming content;

Task Time Location
Hide in the Simpsons Basement 6h Simpson Home
Clean Up the Brownhouse 4h Brown House
Milk a Cow 6h Cletus Farm
Appear on a Chat Show Channel 6
Pick up a Mysterious Parcel 2h Springfield Post Office
Complain to a Doctor 6h Springfield General Hospital
Attempt Atomic Fission 2h Super Collider
Take Guided Volcano Lair Tour 1h Volcano Lair
Watch an Action Flick 2h Atec Theater
Campaign For Deregulation 4h Cityhall
Herd Plants 1h Monsarno Research
Promote The Benefits Of GMO 2h Channel 6
Plant Sterilized Seeds 6h Cletus Farm
Collect Crop Samples 1h Cletus Farm
Taste Test GMO Foods 2h Krusty Burger
Protect Intellectual Property 4h Monsarno Research
Learn About The Benefits Of GMO 6h Springfield Elementary
Feed the Plants 2h Monsarno Research
Donate to the Arts 1h Springfield Operahouse
Reserve Seats 4h Springfield Operahouse

Source: LPNintentoITA

What Is ‘Cecil’s Tasks’?


Fairly early in the event you’ll be prompted by Cecil to complete a series of tasks known as ‘Cecil’s Tasks’. Here’s how they work;

  • There are four tasks to complete each day
  • The day resets at midnight (12am) GMT
  • The tasks vary in length from 1 – 6 hours
  • The tasks are generated randomly so not everyone will have the same tasks
  • Completing the tasks earns you event currency
  • The cost of rushing these tasks costs TRIPLE that of a regular task of the same length
  • The tasks you get depend on what characters you have unlocked

A list of possible tasks and the characters that can complete them will be available tomorrow as I’m still digging through the files to get all of the relevant info for you guys!

What Can I Craft During Act 1 Of The Event?

Here’s a list of everything that you can craft during act 1 of the event. It includes how many materials you’ll need, how much it would cost you to speed up using doughnuts and exactly when they’ll show up in the crafting menu!

Image Name Cost insta-Craft Cost requirements
Tapped Out Cane Field.png Cane Field Tapped Out 1 Fertilizer.png4500Tapped Out T.Corn.png1400 Donut Tapped Out.png160 After completing Cecil’s Redemption Pt. 3
Tapped Out Sani-John Smokehouse.png Sani-John Smokehouse Tapped Out 1 Fertilizer.png8250Tapped Out T.Corn.png2500 Donut Tapped Out.png290
Tapped Out Springfield Farmers Market.png Springfield Farmers Market Tapped Out 1 Fertilizer.png15250Tapped Out T.Corn.png4600 Donut Tapped Out.png535
Tapped Out Monsarno Cafeteria.png Monsarno Cafeteria Tapped Out 1 Fertilizer.png4250Tapped Out T.Corn.png1600 Donut Tapped Out.png165 Monsarno Research Level 5
Tapped Out Monsarno Chimp Resources.png Monsarno Chimp Resources Tapped Out 1 Fertilizer.png4250Tapped Out T.Corn.png1600 Donut Tapped Out.png165 Monsarno Research Level 7

Where Did The Monsarno Building Come From?

I’ve seen a few people asking on a few different sites asking why EA chose to base a whole event around a completely random and made up building rather then choose one of the hundreds of better known buildings. Well, fact is, this building HAS been on the show before. Here’s a screenshot of it;

This shot was taken from the episode ‘The Man Who Grew Too Much’ from which we also received an episode tie-in. In the episode Sideshow Bob actually does work here so it makes perfect sense that we get an event based around it. The only question is, is there anyone brave enough to try and recreate what they see in the picture? I won’t be because I like to make up my own layouts and designs as I go along!

A Quick Quest Run Through

Here’s a quick overview of the first couple of tasks for the Terwilliger Family Event!

  • Make Cecil Make Amends (4 hours)
  • Make Springfielders Vote on Whether Cecil Can Stay x4 (1 hour)
  • Build Monsarno Research
  • Make Cletus Make a Donation to Science (8 hours)
  • Upgrade Monsarno Research to Level 3 and
    Make Homer Advance Food Science (4 hours)
  • Make Lisa Protest Monsarno Playing God (4 hours)
  • Make Lisa Free the Mutant Vegetables (1 hour)
  • Deploy Mutant Seedlings in Other Springfields
  • Craft Springfield Farmers Market

The Update Is LIVE Now!


The update has been released on both the iOS and Android stores. I’m not too sure about Kindle but they usually end up waiting a little bit longer than others. The event kicks off automatically upon login with a conversation between Cecil, Lisa and Homer.

The first task is for Cecil to make amends. It will take 4 hours, Cecil is awarded for free to every player. More info coming guys, stay tuned!