Christmas 2013


The 2013 Christmas update went live on December 10th 2013. It became available through an App Store update. It introduced a whole host of limited time content and questlines. All of which is available below. A number of items from the 2012 Christmas event were also available for purchase once more. You can see those below too. The special currency for this event was gift bags and gift cards. A character locator button was also added with this update as well as an easier way to navigate via neighbours towns.


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33 thoughts on “Christmas 2013

  1. I saw on TSTO EA forum that the update should be here on the 10th, in the morning probably, after the yellow sub tie-in is over. If you check the decorations menu, the sub is still available for purchase. It is supposed to be removed from the menu tomorrow and hopefully that means the Christmas update will follow shortly afterward. From what I am hearing from spAnser on TSTO forum, the developers have completed and released the file update and it is currently being uploaded to the servers (Apple Store/Google Play). He has decoded parts of the file and has listed a few spoilers for the Christmas 2013 update. I don’t want to list it here just in case someone wants to be surprised. If you are tired of waiting here is the link to the thread I am talking about…
    Hopefully this helps some of you guys relax a little…if not, just know that you’re in good company…I am anxiously waiting as well!

  2. I’m asked to decorate 10 types of house and have 7 from last year. I can’t see how to get decorations for houses this year, can anyone help?

  3. Don’t know if anyone saw this yet but was hoping you could share this for all of the tapped out followers
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    • If you’ve got some from last year, or you’ve won some this year, just click on the type of house you have the decorations for. For example, if you’ve won the decorated blue house façade, tap on the blue house and you’ll see that switching house façades is an option. Much like changing character skins.

  4. This is my first christmas with tapped out, and I’m so excited about it but the game is crushing all the time 😦 otherwise, i set my characters on 1 hour tasks, but now i set them on 4 or 8 hours because it is the only way not to waste time. fix it somehow 😦

  5. Anyone else find it difficult to locate presents and gift bags that are dropped behind buildings? The only solution I have found is to go into “move” mode and “hide” the buildings and characters, then the presents are viewable. Any other suggestions??

  6. Monica, Tap on the ‘cross’ arrows, then the buildings button and “homer’ button, then you can ‘see thru’ most everything to find the presents.

  7. Did anybody else receive a Spin Token from a gift box today? / Does anybody know if EA will continue this because it’s kinda fabulous!

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