Christmas Buildings

Image Name Costs Character(s) Unlocked
Tapped Out Santas Workshop.png Santa’s Workshop  Community Prize

Requires 1,000,000,000 Presents

Tapped Out Costingtons.png Costington’s  Tapped Out GiftCard.png30,000 Mr. Costington
Tapped Out Egg Nog Bar.png Egg Nog Bar Tapped Out GiftCard.png250  NONE
Tapped Out Helter Shelter.png Helter Shelter Can Be Won From Krusty’s Wheel  NONE
Tapped Out ClausCO.png Claus Co Can Be Won From Krusty’s Wheel  NONE
Tapped Out HLE Ride.png Happy Little Elves Ride  Tapped Out GiftCard.png14,000  NONE
Tapped Out Springfield Skating Rink.png Springfield Skating Rink  Tapped Out GiftCard.png10,000  NONE
Tapped Out Springfield Mall.png Springfield Mall


(Tapped Out GiftCard.png3,000)


2 thoughts on “Christmas Buildings

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  2. I don’t think we will be able to collect all community prizes. During Halloween we could collect goo from our friends places, but this time we can only collect the gift boxes from our own property. This dimishes the amount we can drop and makes it much harder to reach the targets. These targets are unrealistic, today we are just over 140,000,000 and our first target is 450,000,000 we might be lucky to reach that by Christmas.

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