Personal Prizes

Image Object Unlock Image Unlocked After Collecting
Tapped Out Egg Nog Bar.png Egg Nog Bar Tapped Egg Nog Bar.png Tapped Out GiftCard.png250
Holiday Tree.png Holiday Tree Tapped Holiday Tree.png Tapped Out GiftCard.png1500
Tapped Out Springfield Mall.png Springfield Mall Tapped Springfield Mall.png Tapped Out GiftCard.png3000
Tapped Out Elf Home.png Elf Home Tapped Elf Home.png Tapped Out GiftCard.png6000
Tapped Out Springfield Skating Rink.png Springfield Skating Rink Tapped Springfield Skating Rink.png Tapped Out GiftCard.png10000
Tapped Out HLE Ride.png Happy Elves Ride Tapped Happy Elves Ride.png Tapped Out GiftCard.png14000
Tapped Out Christmas Raccoon.png Christmas Raccoon Tapped Christmas Raccoon.png Tapped Out GiftCard.png18000
Tapped Out Ned SantaSuit.png Santa Flanders Tapped Santa Flanders.png Tapped Out GiftCard.png22000
Tapped Out Plow King's Plow.png Plow King’s Plow Tapped Plow King's Plow.png Tapped Out GiftCard.png26000
Personal Prize Costington's Tapped Out.png Costington’s Tapped Costington's.png Tapped Out GiftCard.png30000


Once the player has received all prizes, they receive a free Spin Token for every Tapped Out GiftCard.png1000 they acquire.


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