Community Prizes For Christmas 2013

Image Building Unlock Image Unlocked after collecting
Tapped Out Krusty Totem Pole.pngTapped Out Krusty Themed Totem Pole snow.png “Christmas” Totem Tapped Out Christmas Totem.png Tapped Out GiftBag.png450,000,000
Tapped Out Santas Workshop.png Santa’s Workshop Tapped Out Santa's Workshop.png Tapped Out GiftBag.png625,000,000
Tapped Out Ebenezer Burns.png Ebenezer Burns Tapped Out Ebenezer Burns New.png Tapped Out GiftBag.png800,000,000
Yes Guy.png The Yes Guy Tapped Out The Yes Guy Unlocked.png Tapped Out GiftBag.png975,000,000
Tapped Out Candy Cane Power Plant.png Candy Cane Power Plant Tapped Out Candy Cooling Towers.png Tapped Out GiftBag.png1,200,000,000

18 thoughts on “Community Prizes For Christmas 2013

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  2. Yeah, I agree. Doing the maths, at the current rate (approx 500 p/second) it’ll take about 10 days just to get the first prize. Hopefully the pace will pick up a bit.
    I reckon EA thought they made the Halloween one too easy so they’ve made it harder but I think they’ve made it too difficult.

    • Yea I agree the Halloween one was easy and I think EA made this one too hard…they gotta cut this one back a bit I think. I could see us getting 2 maybe 3 but not all 5.

      • yup , we definetly blew thru halloween, which i think EA didnt expect, so they made these goals in line with what we did then…but they didnt give us the tools to get there !! we accummulate presents at a MUCH slower rate then we did gremlins

  3. Seems EA is counting on us to actually purchase gift bags for our friends, rather than just driving us to play the game and visit neighbors. Maybe as we get closer to Christmas, the rate of gift bag generation will increase?

  4. I agree James. I don’t think we’ll get them all which is a shame cos I REALLY want the candy cane power plant!
    Maybe they’ll be available to buy I we don’t make it to 2,400,000,000…hopefully for cash and not donuts

    • Sure Can!.
      Tap on the Candy striped Trophy to bring up your personal prizes!.
      In the bottom right corner you have a picture of Homer and next to it a few of the Simpsons characters,hit this and it will bring up the community total.

  5. My trophy disappeared, I don’t get spin coins, or gift bags to share. It’s frustrating. My finder in the top left corner doesn’t work either. I logged in with my guest account and it works. How annoying is that?

  6. It’s hard to know how it’s going since I can’t find the prize page anymore (help would be appreciated) and I haven’t gotten a gift bag in 3 days

  7. The problem with this update over Halloween, is the overall lack of GC earning tasks. At Halloween, most characters began doing GOO tasks after the first couple of days. This time around, Bart & LIsa are the only kids with a GC task, while Homer, Ned, & APU are the adults. Even Marge doesn’t have a GC task. – at least not at this point, and I have gotten to Too Much of a Good Thing Pt 11.

  8. EA realized there was no way the community goals would be achieved so they “cheated” but in our favor. On the morning of Dec. 17, the community total was only 228,000,000 after 7 days and AMAZINGLY we reached 450,000,000 later that same day (ahem). Now they’ve set more realistic goals for the next level at only 625,000,000.

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