Lisa becomes suspicious when Homer appears to have been “turned” after a Springfield Nuclear Power Plant convention, and enlists the services of intense, jumpy FBI agent Annie Crawford to help her unravel the truth.

Game Play


Feeding the Trolls (September 23, 2013)

Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Oh no! It’s almost the start of October… which due to the scheduling of baseball games on FOX, is when Halloween comes to Springfield!
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png *sigh* I wish we could have it at the end of the month like normal people.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png I just want it to be over. It’s always so scary, with the aliens and movie parodies and main characters dying. All the rules are off!
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png That’s because it’s non-canonical, Dad. Dying doesn’t count.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png I know, but it still hurts. And this year I want to be prepared. Can you find out what’s going to be happening here this year?
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Hmm, maybe. Let me check online.
The player receives “Feeding the Trolls” which is to “Make Lisa Read the Tapped Out Forum”. It takes 4 hourS.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Let’s see — friend request, friend request, get doughnuts for cash…
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Isn’t that what doughnut shops are for?
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Ah, here we go! “Predictions for this year’s Treehouse of Horror update”…
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png JoshJeerer says it’s going to suck — helpful as always, Josh.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Lamezino hopes it’ll be about time travel — it’s always about going back in time with them.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png And SpAndex had no luck this year with data mining OR data fracking.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png I don’t get any of those jokes.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png The point is, no one knows what’s coming. We just know that it’s coming soon.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png H-h-h-how soon?
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Well, we have a season première update to do first, but it’s small so I’d guess soon after.
MESSAGE Tapped Halloween 2013 is coming message.png
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Man, nothing happens around here for weeks and then it’s a bunch of stuff at once.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png I know. Remember this summer? You were building a theme park, running a mini-golf tournament and being in a reality show all at the same time.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Now that was scary.


Season PREMIÈRE 2013 (September 26, 2013)

Conventional Wisdom Pt. 1

Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Wow, Dad. What are you doing up so early?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Getting ready for work.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png But you rarely ever go to work. At least not on time. Or with — what’s the thing on your face — a smile?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Yep. I’m smiling because for two glorious days and one even more glorious night, work isn’t actually going to be work. It’s going to be a convention!
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png What’s so great about that? What happens at a convention?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Uh… nothing. Just work. It’s really boring.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Now where’s that inflatable gorilla wearing women’s underwear that I ordered?
The player receives “Conventional Wisdom Pt. 1” which is to “Make Homer Wait for the Mail man”. It takes 12 hourS.


Conventional Wisdom Pt. 2

After tapping on Lisa’s exclamation mark
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png The convention’s in a couple days, Dad. Shouldn’t you be packing?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Good idea. I’ll start with my convention supplies. Ball-point pens, notepads, business cards…
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Okay, Dad. I’ll leave you to it.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Great. See you later, sweetie!
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Now to dump this crap and put in my real conventions supplies. Champagne, animal tranquillizers, superhero costume…
The player receives “Conventional Wisdom Pt. 2” which is to “Make Homer Pack for the Convention”. It takes 4 hourS.


Conventional Wisdom Pt. 3

After tapping on Homer’s exclamation mark
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Well, I’m all packed.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Four bags?! You’re only going away for a night. How much clothing do you need?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Oh, right… clothing. I should pack some of that as well.
The player receives “Conventional Wisdom Pt. 3” which is to “Homer Re-Pack for the Convention”. It takes 4 hourS.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Woo-hoo! This is going to be the greatest weekend ever! I’m going to feel like crap on Sunday!
MESSAGE SeasonPremiere2013 1.png
MESSAGE SeasonPremiere2013 2.png



Image Name Cost
Hi-glow Waste Barrels.png Hi-glow Waste Barrels Donut Tapped Out.png40
Three Eyed Sushi.png Three-Eyed Sushi FREE

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