Easter 2014



The Easter 2014 Event was released on April 15, 2014. An image of the splash screen for the event was leaked online in the days preceding the event due an error on the Kindle App Store after it was put up too early. The main currency for this event was Eggs. Players used a Bunny Stunner to zap bunnies and earn eggs. This event introduced several new characters and moved around several character collections. With the introduction of Father Sean to the Churchy Joes, the Flanders were moved to a new collection, Flanders Family. Several of the pets were also moved around with the new Exotic Animals and Pets collection. This was the first Easter event to be released in Tapped Out, replacing last years Whacking Day event.







One thought on “Easter 2014

  1. I have not got a basket in over 8 days, my husband gets multiples. I also have 49 fence pieces and will be extreamly disappointed if it stays that way. All I seem to get are ponds, umbrellas and trees, besides the fences that is. Also sucks winning enough gold for a box only to win blue eggs in it….isn’t that what I just saved up to ‘get’ the gold box! DOH!

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