Stonecutters 2014

Stonecutter Event


The Stonecutters event was released on June 3, 2014 and was the first major update of the summer. This event introduced the secret society of the Stonecutters to Springfield. During the event, players had to collect Emblems and Parchment to win prizes. There was a grand total of 22 prizes, most of which were Stonecutter skins for various characters. Emblems were collected by visiting friends and spying on them, or completing specific tasks that awarded them. Parchment was earned by completing daily missions for Number 1, the leader of the Stonecutters. The event ended on July 2, 2014.






2 thoughts on “Stonecutters 2014

  1. I’m a little disappointed in the event, as you don’t get very many medallions for visiting friends, and you can’t assign your characters tasks that earn medallions. Otherwise, I am really enjoying the event. They got rid of the wheel and there are lots of side quests/things to do.

  2. How can you earn enough emblems. Once you finish the quest line and the parchment puzzles, you only have friends and the hourly order to rid of. This does not accurate very quickly

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