Krusty’s Wheel Christmas 2013

Krusty’s Christmas Wheel is a prize wheel. You could only spin the wheel if you had a ‘spin token’. The wheel gives you one of ten prizes. You could only win prizes once. Once you won the prizes, it is replaced by cash or gift cards.

Spin tokens could be earned in three ways:

1. The Egg Nog Bar produced 1 spin token every 24 hours.

2. A spin token is awarded for every 1,000 gift cards the player collected after obtaining all the personal prizes.

3. Spin Tokens could be purchased for doughnuts as follows:

  • 1 spin token cost Donut Tapped Out.png10
  • 3 spin tokens cost Donut Tapped Out.png25
  • 10 spin tokens cost Donut Tapped Out.png50.


The Odds Of Winning

Prize Odds before the update on January 10, 2014 Odds after the update on January 10, 2014
Claus Co
Tapped Out GiftCard.png275
~1.56% ~5%
Christmas Flanders House
Christmas Van Houten House
Christmas White House
Christmas Muntz House
Christmas Skinner House
~20.22% ~14%
Snow Monster
Tapped Out GiftCard.png250
~1.68% ~5%
Christmas Brown House
Christmas Purple House

Christmas Pink House

Christmas Orange House


~20.22% ~14%
Helter Shelter
Tapped Out GiftCard.png225
~2.25% ~5%
Christmas Simpsons House

Christmas Cletus Farm

Christmas Blue House

Christmas Willie’s Shack

Christmas Krabappel Apartment


~20.22% ~14%
Ice God
Tapped Out GiftCard.png150
~2.25% ~6%
Marge Snowman

Maggie Snowman

Homer Snowman

Snowball II Snowcat

Tapped Out GiftCard.png50

~13.48% ~14%
Mr. Plow
Plow King

Tapped Out GiftCard.png100

~5.05% ~9%
Lisa Snowman

Grampa Snowman

Bart Snowman

Santa’s Little Helper


Tapped Out GiftCard.png50

~13.48% ~14%

10 thoughts on “Krusty’s Wheel Christmas 2013

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  2. well i hope to get the items that I want, like decorated houses and the buildings, somehow it seems most times I win the things I don’t need 😦 so fingers crossed before do date 7th januari Xd

  3. Love Krusty Wheel. Wish we could keep it like a mystery box but once a month maybe. Parking lots $ trees doughnuts premium items etc.

  4. When you get towards the end of the Xmas walk through, leave homer and Lisa up in Bart’s treehouse hiding from the springfielders. Do not tap on their thumbs. You can then continue to have everyone else searching for as long as you want in 8 hour cycles, and so, keep collecting tokens and spinning the wheel for prizes.

  5. Is there any way to spin the wheel to get the prize you want???
    I can’t get Claus co. And seems to be the only one left a side from gift cards and cash

  6. I’m haveing the same problem. All have left is Claus co and Snow Monster and I keeping landing on cash. I have moved it around before I spin and still haven’t gotten them. Does anyone know the trick behind it?

  7. Same, I get at least 4 spin tokens a day, play every day and I cannot get the snow monster or claus co! It’s infuriating!

    • I agree. I have over 140,000 gift cards. Five spins a day from Elves, gift bags, visiting friends, Christmas tree, and still no Claus Co or Snow Monster. it is VERY frustrating.

  8. how is it I can’t collect anymore gift cards even though I’m opening presents. my count stopped at 59,665 and the only way I get any more spins of the wheel is by biding my time until the eggnog bar gives me one. help???

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