Side Quests

Sucking Out

After tapping on Lisa
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png What are you even going to do with all these eggs, Dad?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Haven’t thought about it. I’m simply obeying my brain’s deep-seated, irrational impulse to collect things.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png It’s a weakness we all share, and one evil game designers are expert at exploiting. Thanks, game designers!
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png But why are we talking, when we could be collecting?
Tapped Out Stranger Icon.png Pssst… I’ll tell you what you can do with them.
Tapped Out Stranger Icon.png Collect enough eggs and I’ll trade you a mysterious box from my extensive collection of rare objects from around the world.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Ooh! More collecting! Pretty sweet…
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Dad, is this really the most productive way to spend your time?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Lisa, someday you’ll understand that collecting things so you can trade them in for collectibles from some dude’s collection is the only way to feel good about yourself.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png But they’re random prizes, Dad? What if you just get a bunch of fences?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Hey yeah, I hate winning fences!
Tapped Out Stranger Icon.png If you suck out and get a total of 50 Easter fences from boxes, I’ll also give you a free 15 donuts.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png 15 donuts?! Holy crap! I love winning fences!!!
The player receives “Sucking Out” which is to “Buy and Easter Box” and “Place Easter Fences (x50)”.


Priming the Pan

After tapping on Homer
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Chasing bunnies is wearing me out! I wish I could snap my fingers and make piles of Easter Eggs appear.
Tapped Out Professor Frink Icon.png Well, now you can! With my new, state-of-the-art egg-generating technology!
Tapped Out Professor Frink Icon.png I give you… The Frink-thetic Egg Generator!
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png That’s a lot of blinking lights.
Tapped Out Professor Frink Icon.png They do nothing, but they scream “high tech.” Idiot customers insist on them.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Do we ever!
Tapped Out Professor Frink Icon.png Go ahead, give it a whirl.
The player receives “Priming the Pan” which is to “Place the Frink-thetic Egg Generator”.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Professor Frink, I don’t mean to pry, but why do you have all these bunny- and egg-related devices on hand?
Tapped Out Professor Frink Icon.png Just what are you implying? All my research is highly ethical, notoriously unsuspicious, and infamously intrigue-free!
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png That was… and odd way to phrase that.
Tapped Out Professor Frink Icon.png Good Glayvin! I think I left a bunsen burner on back at the lab! Must go!
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Professor Frink! Wait!



After the “Four-Day Weekend For Our Sins Pt. 4” is completed
Tapped Out Ralph Icon.png If you sit on an Easter Egg, it hatches and makes a Tooth Fairy!
Tapped Out Ralph Icon.png That’s why it’s important to sit on every egg you see. Otherwise a Tooth Fairy dies.
The player receives “1+1=1” which is to “Build Wiggum House” and “Make Ralph Collect Easter Egg Count”. It takes 16 hours


Cutting Out the Middle Man

After the “Four-Day Weekend For Our Sins Pt. 5” is completed
Tapped Out Nelson Icon.png I ain’t got time to chase bunnies around for eggs!
Tapped Out Nelson Icon.png I’m going straight to the source!
The player receives “Cutting Out the Middle Man” which is to “Reach Level 21 and Build the Muntz House” and “Make Nelson Raid Bird Nets”. It takes 16 hours

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