Social Currency Event – Friend Points


Friend points are earned by performing friend actions in your neighbours towns. You can perform friend actions in a number of different ways. This includes, but is not limited to, collecting from houses, collecting from businesses and reviving crops. Players can earn friend points in their own town if a visiting neighbour spray paints a building. These buildings include the town hall, Moes, the elementary school and the police station.

The amount of friend points you earn per action is based on how many actions you perform. The following table illustrates the number of friend points per action based on the number of friends you visit. This resets every 24 hours meaning you will be able to earn 10 points for the relevant amount of actions each day if you only visit all of your neighbours once per day. This is due in large part as some players add neighbours to gain points, remove them and replace them with somebody else in the hopes that they will earn the prizes quicker.

Number of Actions Friend Points Earned Per Action
1-30 FP Tapped Out.png10
31-60 FP Tapped Out.png5
61-90 FP Tapped Out.png4
91-120 FP Tapped Out.png2
121-300 FP Tapped Out.png1

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