Your Thoughts On Level 41?


Level 41 is without a doubt the shortest permanent level update ever released for Tapped Out lasting only 3 days or so. It brought with it a character that was never seen before its release, Bernice Hibbert as well as a few decorations. While I always welcome any kind of content update I can’t help but feel that this is one of, if not, the worst updates they’ve ever released if you compare it to the others. But, what do you think? All I know is, I hope they have something else planned, and soon!


Should I Buy… Chester & The Unfinished Shed?

Chester Dupree

Although you knew he existed before level 41, is Chester Dupree and his half built shed really worth the price tag? Lets find out!


  • It’s an exclusive character made specially for Tapped Out
  • The a building included (sort of)
  • Comes with the ‘Hibbert Ain’t Got Shed’ questline
  • Some of his tasks are funny



  • You’ve NEVER heard of him before level 41
  • He comes at an over inflated 150 doughnuts
  • His questline is pretty short
  • He’s not voiced
  • The ‘Building’ is really just a decoration because it doesn’t generate any cash or XP


Overall, unless you’re a completest like me (how else could I give you all the walkthroughs!) I’d pass on this for now and buy some of the less expensive, better known premium stuff.

Side Note: Both walkthroughs will be posted in the next few hours

And The Mystery Character Is… Chester Dupree!

The mystery character has been revealed as Chester Dupree, Dr. Hibbert’s brother-in-law! Apparently, long ago Dr. Hibbert paid him to build a shed but instead of finishing it, he stole what was left of the money and the partially built shed! He’s a premium character, with a price tag of 150 doughnuts. I’ll be posting a ‘Should I Buy…’ for him tomorrow.