Premium Stuff

A collection of posts concerning all the premium stuff in the game, including the LIMITED TIME items!

All of those posts can be found at the link below!

Happy Tapping


Homer Doughnut Premium


32 thoughts on “Premium Stuff

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  2. i love the premium stuff and would buy alot more if it were , lets say , half the doughnuts listed……some things aren’ t worth 60 , but 30 is appeasing

  3. wish some one could have told me to not waste 15 donuts on the Homer Buddha to get a premium item, very disappointing to get a green garbage item I could have purchased for 10 donuts. 😦

    • I’ve bought about 15 Homer buddha’s and i got a lot of dumpsters and park benches, but i did score both ‘squeeky voiced teen’ and a building (don’t remember which one though)

      • I’ve done a few as well, and mostly park benches and white fences. Very disappointed.

  4. I have found a second Squeeky Voice in the mystery box, already have one, and can’t place him twice in the game, (just not allowed) so he s confined to my inventory or in other words: it is a rather useless price. Can’t I swap it for something else?

      • This happened to me as well, more than once! I contacted EA and they swapped them all out. The person I spoke with last, let me choose whatever I wanted! So, you all should contact EA! 🙂 Good Luck!

  5. Has anyone else had problems with premium items going missing? I have won Fink’s Laboratory with Professor Fink two times, and both times when I go to place him in my town, my game crashes, the donuts are still gone, but so are the premium items that I was awarded. I contacted EA who told me it was an Apple (???) issue and to contact itunes??? Does anyone know what I really should do? I would at the very least like to get my donuts back. I mean, I paid for the donuts and with them and my premium items gone, it’s like I just threw the money away.

    • He used to be a premium character and you could buy him with donuts,I now think that he is a prize in the mystery box.

  6. I just spent 15 donuts on a Homer Buddha was expecting to get a premium item and I got a bench How is that a premium item. Not so happy Simpson tapped out fan here :(!!!

  7. I just got 150 donuts from the Homer thing, and Icwas wondering what I should buy. I just dont know if I want characters, or new buildings, or just both. To look at my town and see what I should getnto improve it, hit me up at Snakes55244.

  8. hey guys i have a question i ordered donuts on ebay and so i sighed out of my origin and when i came back on it said are you sure you want to go ahead the progress on your other device maybe be lost go back on your other device but i didn’t and when i went back on i had no extra donuts….. any help guys thanks.

  9. Hi, I’m upgrading the weapon level with the nails, I’m on level 11 but I haven’t got any of the prizes it said that I’ve craft. That are not in my inventory box. So where are they???

  10. If anyone can help me..I am missing premium items like moe’s tavern, and premium characters like the twins and others. If anyone can help me fix this issue I’d be very happy since I’ve already spent a lot on doughnuts.

  11. does anyone know how to get unlimited donuts for free w/o signing up for anything. i have tried signing up and nothing ever happens i know there has to be another way some of these springfields I’m visiting have a ton of premium items and theres no way they have bought them legit.

  12. i feel the cannon and ghost machine in the last quest was a total rip off they cost too much and did nothing and when I tried to get through to ea help never could useless and waste rip off

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