Air Fortress Now Available

A new item is now available for purchase – an Air Fortress. The item is premium, at 225 doughnuts and generates cash and XP every 8 hours.

There is a quest chain that comes with it and according to it, the fortress is the squads flying HQ. I find that to be a little odd because if it is indeed another HQ, why then does it not generate event currency like the building does?

Anyway, it is four by four is size, space wise but it is actually much, much bigger then that and depending in how and where you place it, it will block out some things. It can also b placed on Squidport for those of you who may be left wondering.

The walkthrough for this and the phase 2 prizes will be available tomorrow.

Phase 2 Begins Soon

Issue 2 of the Superheros event goes live in 12 hours. By the looks of it, prize 3 of phase 1 – a costume for Krusty will be required to partake in phase 2 so my guess is, if you don’t have it by the time it goes live, you will be able to continue to collect carbon rods until you get him.

I’ll have all the info on phase 2, once it goes live tomorrow, including all applicable walkthroughs.

Walkthrough: A Stalk To Remember

A Stalk to Remember Pt. 1

After tapping on Petroleus Rex’s exclamation mark:
Tapped Out Petroleus Rex Icon.png Tee-hee-hee! Wait… not evil enough.
Tapped Out Petroleus Rex Icon.png MUA-AH-AH-AH! That’s better.
Tapped Out Petroleus Rex Icon.png I’m gas-guzzling ready for a high-octane, fuel-filled fight to the finish!
Tapped Out Petroleus Rex Icon.png And Springfield is the perfect site to battle my nemesis, Radioactive Man!
Task: Reach Level 11 and Build Control Building
Task: Make Petroleus Rex Prepare for Battle

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Walkthrough: Does Whatever a Spider-Pig Can

Does Whatever a Spider-Pig Can Pt.1

After tapping on Plopper’s exclamation mark:
MESSAGE: Mild-mannered Plopper thought all he would ever be was a pig.
MESSAGE: …unaware that a more heroic course was destined for him. But first…
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Who’s a good pig?! You are! Yes, you are!
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png True love has got to be not eating the pig that you’re petting.
Task: Make Plopper Roll Around in Muck
MESSAGE: With a great pig, comes great responsibility.
MESSAGE: With a lousy pig, comes great responsibility. Let’s face it… pigs are a lot of responsibility.

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Walkthrough: A New Hero Rises

A New Hero Rises Pt. 1

After tapping on Fallout Boy’s exclamation mark:
Fallout Boy Icon.png What does a sidekick do when the hero he kicked sides for is dead?
Tapped Out Criminal Icon.png Radioactive Man is dead?! Criminals, crooks, and punks of all sizes the town is ours for the taking!
Tapped Out Helen Lovejoy Icon.png Won’t someone please think of the children?!
Tapped Out Bart Icon.png Umm, Fallout Boy? I think that’s your cue to be all heroic and stuff.
Fallout Boy Icon.png But I can’t. Behind this mask is just a scared 32 year-old boy.
MESSAGE: Crime is running rampant! With Radioactive Man dead and Fallout Boy turned yellow, who will save Springfield?!
MESSAGE: This looks like a job for… um… um…
Tapped Out Bart Icon.png How bout The Sky Finger, lame-wad?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png The Sky Finger! Of course! The nose-picking pointer of hope and justice!
Task: Tap on Criminals to Arrest Them [x20]
After tapping:
TSTO Superheroes Help panel.png
The event’s features unlock. The quest “Unlock Arbitrarium”, which is to “Unlock Arbitrarium” appears.
After tapping on 20 Criminals:
Fallout Boy Icon.png Look! In the sky! It’s the Dynamic Digit of good deeds!
Tapped Out Criminal Icon.png The boss ain’t going to like this. He needs those carbon rods for his master plan!
The “Issue 1″ prize screen appears.

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Walkthrough: The Death of a Hero

The Death of a Hero Pt. 1

When the player logs in:
MESSAGE: Somewhere in Springfield, a new evil rises!
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Mmm… Pie.
Tapped Out Marge Icon.png Homie, come back to bed. You’re sweets-walking again.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Mmm… must fling pie!
Tapped Out Marge Icon.png Homer! Where are you going?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png … PIE!!
Task: Make Homer Fling Pies Indoors
After task finishing:
Tapped Out Marge Icon.png Kids, have you seen your father? He was acting funny in bed last night. And it wasn’t Jimmy Fallon funny.
Tapped Out Marge Icon.png I just hope he passes out somewhere safe.
Pieman Unlock.png
After pressing “OK” you are taken to the “Vigilantes” character collection.

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