Walkthrough: Monumental Battle

Monumental Battle Pt. 1

Fallout Boy Icon.png Holy Headstone! Someone’s awakened Radioactive Man’s monument!
Fallout Boy Icon.png Who dares defile our do-gooder’s resting place?!
Fallout Boy Icon.png The villain must still be in our long-gone hero’s vault!
Fallout Boy Icon.png Everyone! Attack the statue and expose the culprit!
Task: Send Heroes to Attack The Statue x5
Heroes: Bartman, The Collector, Fallout Boy, Pie Man, Clownface, Fruit-Bat-Man, Plopper, Ice Princess Martin, Moog, Sidekick Milhouse, Stupid Sexy Flanders
Tapped Out The Monumental Battle.pngTapped Out Attack The Radioactive Man Statue.png
Tapped Out Construction Site 2.png
Quest Reward: Tapped Out Girder.png1
Tapped Out Radioactive Man Statue Icon.png *groan*
Fallout Boy Icon.png That statue IS moving! It’s magic!
Fallout Boy Icon.png Radioactive Man hated magic. Except for that “sawing a women in half” trick. Something to do with his bad divorce.
MESSAGE: Keep fighting to get to the bottom of this mystery! You have until March 30th to triumph!
Tapped Out Keep Fighting.png

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Walkthrough: O’Flan-again

O’Flan-again Pt. 1

After the user logs in:
Tapped Out Cletus Icon.png Brandine! Why’s my moonshine rich an’ frothy like sarsaparilla, not noxious an’ pungent like turpentine?
Tapped Out Brandine Icon.png I saw a leprechaun swimmin’ it this morn’.
Tapped Out Cletus Icon.png Leprechaun?! That’s the sort of silly nonsense if they’d just drunk all my moonshine. J’accuse Brandine!
Tapped Out Leprechaun Icon.png No, tis true! Twas I who swam in your shiniest of moons! I took me yearly bath in it.
Tapped Out Cletus Icon.png Yearly? Who do you think you are – the Queen of England?
Tapped Out Leprechaun Icon.png That’s almost as offensive as callin’ me sober!
Tapped Out Cletus Icon.png That moonshine’s s’pposed to pay for new blocks to put under our yard car! Now what’re we gonna do?
Tapped Out Brandine Icon.png How about you sell it to that funny talkin’ fella over at flannel pub? I bet you can pull one over on him.
Tapped Out Cletus Icon.png Brandine, just cause a fella talk funny don’t mean he dumb. Now while I’s gone go bury them magic beans I bought.
Task: Build O’Flanagan’s Pub
Task: Reach Level 6 and Build Cletus’s Farm
Task: Make Cletus Visit O’Flanagan’s Pub
Tapped Out Tom O'Flanagan Icon.png A patron! Bless the emerald isle!
Tapped Out Tom O'Flanagan Icon.png It feels like it’s been 364 days since my last customer!
Tapped Out Cletus Icon.png I ain’t lookin’ to buy nothin’. I’s here to sell.

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Complete The St. Patrick’s Day Quests For A Free Gift

Just a quick heads up that if you complete the full St. Patrick’s Day quests you’ll receive a free gift from EA – a stack of beer boxes I believe. Now I’m not 100% sure because I haven’t had time to complete it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get the walkthrough out to you in the next few hours and confirm it for you.

Here’s What’s Happening Right Now…

Hey guys, it appears I’ve missed a lot in just one day and here’s a quick post to catch you up!

-St. Patrick’s day has made it’s way to Springfield with lots of Irish themed stuff and green rivers.

-The St. Patrick’s Day stuff will be in the store for just 4 more days, so grab what you can while you can!

-Gil is back with another deal this time it’s yet another castle, Blarney Castle no less.

-I believe that the castle costs 115 doughnuts but I could be wrong and being Irish myself, I just couldn’t resist it!

Now, I just wanted to let you know that my absence over the past few days has been due to an onslaught of headaches and migraines that is really beginning to annoy me so any kind of light or noise is really killing my eyes!

Anyway enough of that, I want to wish all of our readers a very happy, safe and enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day! Tomorrow I’ll post a few cool pictures of how we and others around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and here’s a small hint, you might see a lot of green, like everywhere!

EA Fixes Screw Up – Gil’s Back

After a minor screw up on EA’s part Gil has been patched back in to the game after accidentally being removed shortly after he was first added! So soon in fact, I never even got a chance to tell you about it.

Anyway, on this trip to Springfield Gil brought ‘The Homer’ with him. That, for those of you that don’t remember it, is the car that Homer designed with his half brother Herb. It costs an odd amount – 82 doughnuts. On the upside, it’s got a 3% bonus!

There’s also info in the files that suggest that Herb could be added soon. I’ll keep you posted!