We’ll Be Back…

Hi guys, after last weeks news that this website would be closing with immediate effect, I spent a lot of time reading your comments and thinking hard about what you said within them.

That said, I myself was upset that there was nothing I could do about this situation so I thought about it long and hard for a number of days and I think I’ve come up with a solution.

There’s noting I can do about bringing back this website (tappedoutdaily.wordpress.com) but after examining the issues that caused this issue I have discovered that there is noting saying that I can’t set up Tapped Out Daily again – using another domain – so that’s what I’ve done!

Beginning on Wednesday (July 1st) Tapped Out Daily will rise from the ashes and once again bring you all of the information you love about the game you love to hate! We will, as I’ve said, be moving to a new domain, on blogspot – but that’s not the only change you’ll notice.

When we relaunch it will be very ‘bare’ as it’s going to be a sort of rush job just to get us back up and running – so it will take quite a bit of time to get the backlog of information over to our new site.

The new site is live now, although its a bit of a mess and there won’t be any posts up until Wednesday, but you can have a look at it here.

I’ll talk to you all on Wednesday when we move to our new home!


6 thoughts on “We’ll Be Back…

  1. Let me be the first to say, quoting our favourite donut guzzling yellow fat bloke,……….

    ‘WooHooo! 😉

  2. I do prefer this site to others, soo happy that it not goodbye… your help and advice have helped me alot over the past years. As long as your not moving to shellybeville we will be fine lol …

  3. Yay…I had noticed a serious decrease in postings….missed you & your input….really happy to know that you’re continuing on elsewhere! Thank you from a daily reader!!

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