Get 30 FREE Doughnuts During The Stonecutters 2014 Event!

Want FREE doughnuts? Of course you do! As it turns out EA are giving player 30 FREE DOUGHNUTS during our latest event, and here’s how you can cash in!


Complete ”The Secret of the Cut Stone” Questline

After players complete part 10 of the above mentioned questline, you’ll receive this on screen message:

Tapped Out EA Icon.png Please ignore the previous message. Everything is fine. Never stop playing. Here are some donuts to squelch any doubt.


Secret Bonus

Thanks to a player on the official forums, who I will not name because I don’t want them bombarded with friend requests, here’s a super secret bonus that will get you 10 FREE doughnuts. Here’s what you’ll need to do, with picture proof!

  1. Get Homer’s “Number 908” skin
  2. Send him to “Sing the Stonecutter Song” (Requires Stonecutter Table)
  3. Tap him 10 or more times
  4. Claim your FREE doughnuts

NOTE: This is separate to the 10 free doughnuts you get for tapping him 10 times while on his ”myPad” task.

47 thoughts on “Get 30 FREE Doughnuts During The Stonecutters 2014 Event!

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  2. I assume you have to wait until right after homer is done with his “sing the stonecutter song” to tap on him 10 times for the additional 10 donuts? That how it works?

      • I tried tapping him while he was singing at the table. I tried tapping him when he was going to the table. Neither produced donuts. I guess they removed this “secret” in the recent update, or the person who first posted it was pranking us.

      • Ok, my mistake was to tap him, close the pop up, tap him, close the popup. The way that works is to just keep tapping him and leave the pop-up alone.

  3. I haven’t been able to connect to the servers and play the game all day long. Any other android users having the same problem?

  4. How do you tap on homer 10 times while he is doing the ‘ipad’ task? When I tap on him I only get the ‘message’ homer (same message when you tap on a house, building or other springfielder

    Basically you cant tap on him 10 times

  5. I accidentally picked homor for a task right after I got the donuts and now it wont give me the stone cuter task sucks. I tried the plow song and tapped him 10 times but nothing.didI lose out?

  6. I’ve not got the 20 free donuts. Is anyone else the same? I got all the prizes and tasks done about a week ago.

  7. Add me I’m on level 42 user name is madyblu my partner is on same level his user name is madyred. For some reason my game will not let me add people I play everyday

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