What Can I Craft During Act 1 Of The Event?

Here’s a list of everything that you can craft during act 1 of the event. It includes how many materials you’ll need, how much it would cost you to speed up using doughnuts and exactly when they’ll show up in the crafting menu!

Image Name Cost insta-Craft Cost requirements
Tapped Out Cane Field.png Cane Field Tapped Out 1 Fertilizer.png4500Tapped Out T.Corn.png1400 Donut Tapped Out.png160 After completing Cecil’s Redemption Pt. 3
Tapped Out Sani-John Smokehouse.png Sani-John Smokehouse Tapped Out 1 Fertilizer.png8250Tapped Out T.Corn.png2500 Donut Tapped Out.png290
Tapped Out Springfield Farmers Market.png Springfield Farmers Market Tapped Out 1 Fertilizer.png15250Tapped Out T.Corn.png4600 Donut Tapped Out.png535
Tapped Out Monsarno Cafeteria.png Monsarno Cafeteria Tapped Out 1 Fertilizer.png4250Tapped Out T.Corn.png1600 Donut Tapped Out.png165 Monsarno Research Level 5
Tapped Out Monsarno Chimp Resources.png Monsarno Chimp Resources Tapped Out 1 Fertilizer.png4250Tapped Out T.Corn.png1600 Donut Tapped Out.png165 Monsarno Research Level 7

13 thoughts on “What Can I Craft During Act 1 Of The Event?

  1. Ever since the comic episode quest ended, there has been update on top of update. Would be fine only either their servers are overloaded OR the updates themselves are buggy. 80% of time takes hours to update the game with or without wifi. As comic book man would say, worst update ever. Get your game on, EA, or this player is permanently disabling it. Been playing 3 years and this spate of updates has been the worst ever.

  2. Possibly I do not yet understand the complete flow of this new event but it seems strange that upgrading the Monsarno building takes the same currency as crafting the items does. And since you are more or less forced to upgrade, it looks it will take ages to be able to save enough to buy one of these. ??

    • Yeah that’s what I’m seeing too. That’s the only thing I don’t like about the update. I don’t think I will be buying any of the decoration I will just keep updating the building.

  3. I’m confused as to what I should craft first. My tasks wants me to craft the farmers market, but looks like it will take forever. Do I keep updating the building to release more characters to do tasks that earn currency? Just wondering how everyone else is approaching this… Seems strange

      • Not sure how many Characters you have, as of today I have 51 people that can complete tasks, form 2 Hrs up to 6 hrs, if you can check in to the game a few time a day, the currencies add up Quick.

        Happy Tapping.

    • Yes, same doubts here. But I suppose updating the building will on the long run increase the earning so much that it will became easier to earn more currency, and thus buy the prices? well, at least I hope the gamemakers intended that to be so, why else update the building anyway? Possibly one may find out by some mathematical formula but since i am rather alpha minded I have no clue..🙎??

    • I upgrade first.. at least If I get more people groups to do tasks – what else they should do in the time, i have enough ordinary money. Maybe all characters get their tasks until maybe level 10 (don’t know).
      But it wouldnt be the first time, EA didn’t play their own game, which leads to a crap balance…

      • I upgraded to level 5 just now, and got the Cafeteria – i build it [4h], and now can craft another one.
        So propably only the Market is really important to craft someday… but i upgrade more first. 15000 somewhat fertalizer is too much yet…

    • Upgrade Monsarno to level 7 as quickly as you can. Once you hit level 7 you cannot upgrade it further until Act 2 starts (in about 6 days), plus the fertilizer jobs almost double their payout. You now have 6 days to earn currency to get the cane field and the other prizes.

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