What Is ‘Cecil’s Tasks’?


Fairly early in the event you’ll be prompted by Cecil to complete a series of tasks known as ‘Cecil’s Tasks’. Here’s how they work;

  • There are four tasks to complete each day
  • The day resets at midnight (12am) GMT
  • The tasks vary in length from 1 – 6 hours
  • The tasks are generated randomly so not everyone will have the same tasks
  • Completing the tasks earns you event currency
  • The cost of rushing these tasks costs TRIPLE that of a regular task of the same length
  • The tasks you get depend on what characters you have unlocked

A list of possible tasks and the characters that can complete them will be available tomorrow as I’m still digging through the files to get all of the relevant info for you guys!


3 thoughts on “What Is ‘Cecil’s Tasks’?

  1. On this event we do not go any crafting items from other people town? How can we get these items only by sending People on task? It seems like right now that will take a long time. Am Im wrong?

  2. Hey I haven’t been able to log into my town since yesterday and it’s driving me insane! I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled and can start fresh but when I log into my town the app crashes! Any suggestions? Link to EA support to get my town working? I know how to isolate issues and it’s not until I log into my town that the app crashes! My only option is to update to iOS 8 (I’m on 7 still) but don’t know what to do

    • There could be a number of issues that is causing this. Here are the most common;
      1. Your device is running low on memory
      2. You have exceeded the recommended building/decoration limit
      3. Your save file may have been corrupted
      4. You are using an older device and it’s having trouble loading all of the content.

      In any case, the first thing I’d do is try and log in on another device if possible to see if the device is the issue. ONLY DO THIS IF YOUR TOWN IS LINKED TO AN ORIGIN ACCOUNT.

      If that doesn’t work, contact EA at the following link; http://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/?product=the-simpsons-tapped-out

      Let me know how you get on 🙂

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