More Limited Time Items Added

Some additional limited time items have been added to the store. The items added are a mix from previous Christmas events as well as some of the prizes from Phase One of this years event. Take a look at them below, they will be removed on January 9th at 8am GMT. All images taken from the official forums with thanks to LPNintendoITA for posting the info.

115 90 80

50 60 20 20


13 thoughts on “More Limited Time Items Added

  1. Not the place to post about this, but I bought the Oil Rig Krusty Burger for $8 million and was disappointed that it doesn’t come with tasks for characters or even give off money. Kinda lame. I wish every building worked with at least one character in some way.

    That being said, Mr. Plow is fun, if only to watch Home drive around on a lawnmower-based snow plow.

    • Shouldn’t be posting here either but this is just wrong. The game doesn’t produce enough elf’s to keep up with the demand of the cannon thus completely effecting the number of bells you can collect. Plus I’ve finished all the tasks that give bells as a reward. So my options are, the capped friends I can visit. Friends who visit me and use my cannon or elf tunnel. Or firing elf’s that are barely produced. It’s not right and EA needs to fix this!

      • I totally agree. It’s not enough bells or legs to finish. I don’t think I would be able to get the last three prize. EA needs to do better. It is ridiculous.

      • You are right. And this is often rediculous balances this game. Earlier events also, the crap with the wheel of fortune, the medival-raid-event was over for me after 4 days (remaining 4 weeks), etc pp.. They don’t try this out, they only think this could be funny/ok..

        If the cannon start duration at 6h this would be ok. I got the last task (maybe) to update the cannon to lvl20 (currently “only” 11), but with the 2:45h it is too low to fire the cannon…
        I am on 13.500 now remaining 10 days, it should be hard up, but possible…

        I can buy the remaining xxx bells for the next level for 200/300/400 donuts? Is this a joke? The donut-price is always too high.

  2. The snowman are worth 20 doughnuts? I’d prefer 40 doughnuts over the snowmen. Or at least one and 20. Honestly, they seem like only worth 5 doughnuts especially since they melt after xmas

  3. I think it’s unfair that for all the times we’ve been locked out we haven’t been compensated. .. I mean I would’ve been on point

    …I’ve got about 13.100 bells right now.. had it not been for the days upon days of being kicked out and being told to retry literally for a whole day… I would’ve been alot more advanced and far more likely to have gotten all the prizes…

    I only want that tropical island who cares about a stupid suit for Ralph! !?😒

  4. Yeah we lost 2 days really and that’s hard to make up for. Also there are no quests to earn bells, like others have said its going to be very close or not at all.
    The hatch where your elves come from only give 4, 10 should be better specially after the time you have to wait.
    There isn’t enough elves your right…
    Good luck to you all

  5. >Yeah we lost 2 days
    Its down again at the moment…
    I think, they should increase the duration of the event – 10 donuts or so are no replacement for this mess. Maybe they should use their own prices – for 2000 bells short for the next item they want about 350 donuts. Maybe they should give us 350 then.
    (Maybe they know then, how rediculous this price is)

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