Here’s A List Of Cecil’s Tasks

As mentioned yesterday, here’s list of tasks that Cecil may ask you to do but beware it does contain SPOILERS for upcoming content;

Task Time Location
Hide in the Simpsons Basement 6h Simpson Home
Clean Up the Brownhouse 4h Brown House
Milk a Cow 6h Cletus Farm
Appear on a Chat Show Channel 6
Pick up a Mysterious Parcel 2h Springfield Post Office
Complain to a Doctor 6h Springfield General Hospital
Attempt Atomic Fission 2h Super Collider
Take Guided Volcano Lair Tour 1h Volcano Lair
Watch an Action Flick 2h Atec Theater
Campaign For Deregulation 4h Cityhall
Herd Plants 1h Monsarno Research
Promote The Benefits Of GMO 2h Channel 6
Plant Sterilized Seeds 6h Cletus Farm
Collect Crop Samples 1h Cletus Farm
Taste Test GMO Foods 2h Krusty Burger
Protect Intellectual Property 4h Monsarno Research
Learn About The Benefits Of GMO 6h Springfield Elementary
Feed the Plants 2h Monsarno Research
Donate to the Arts 1h Springfield Operahouse
Reserve Seats 4h Springfield Operahouse

Source: LPNintentoITA


10 thoughts on “Here’s A List Of Cecil’s Tasks

  1. I know, not the right place but… I just cleaned out deadbeats.

    I need 53 multiple times a day, daily players.


  2. This is so stupid! We pay crafting money to upgrade the GMO building to get more tasks to get the same crafting currency? This is so far a creative theme but terrible execution. They should have 3 different categories of currencies: Personal Prize Currency, Upgrade Currency, and Crafting Currency.

  3. Is there a list somewhere of the groups? Glutton…etc. I want to send everyone on missions, but I don’t want to send all of them on a task without knowing what the next set will be! Any help?

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