Neighbour Visits Are Pointless!

So, we’ve been enjoying this event for the past number of days and I’ve come to realise something – neighbour visits are completely pointless this time around!

When you visit a neighbour, assuming they’ve updated that is, you get just one spade per action, meaning you get just 3 spades per visit, per neighbour.

Unlike other events though, it is possible to get event currency from all of your neighbours. However it just doesn’t seem worth all the effort this time around.

As for the weird ass green things in neighbours towns – they are more likely to give you crafting materials rather then spades and besides, you can accumulate crafting materials easily enough in your own town.

The premium farmers licence doesn’t do much either. It just doubles the number of spades you get in neighbours towns from 3 – 6. So not worth what they’re asking for it.

So, with that little rant out if the way, will you be visiting your neighbours?


22 thoughts on “Neighbour Visits Are Pointless!

  1. no, you only get spades if there are mutant plants in your neighhours property, if not you just get money. I don’t get friend points since I am already up to maximum level.

  2. Does anyone know if the crafting part continues over in part two or do I have to finish crafting them before part two starts?

  3. seems that something isnot quite logical in the pointing system this tiime. It was already strange that upgrading and crafting took the same currency. And now visiting seems useless. ( and i do not really get a lot of points from my own time either, could not yet manufacture one thing and i have stopped upgrading the building already a few days ago.

    • Yes I agree, it takes ages to get the Farmers Market, so like you have stopped upgrading but don’t think I’m gonna have enough to get it before the crafting of part 1 finishes. Am sending everyone I can on quests that get corn or fertiliser, although seem to find getting corn much easier

    • Yeah this crafting is off. I thought it was just me and I’m not using my donut to buy anything. I’m on the last item for the prize. Im at almost 14000 shovel but I need to get 16050. I have not craft anything I don’t have enough items. I’m at about 3800 fert. and 3200 corn. I’m so behind on crafting

  4. Mr. Teeny is back with 3 jobs. Also, there a new story line with homer and Bart I think called regression or recession.

  5. I think the spades stop after 30 neighbors. After that, only money and sometimes a donut… But, you can still add me (daverd81). Cleared my friendslist, some friends havent started this event yet…

  6. I think the crafting is pretty lame. Haven’t got enough to craft anything yet but I’ll try to save it all up for the farmers market. Not sure I’ll get it tho.

    On the plus side Mr Teeny has 3 jobs now 🙂

  7. The game is showing its age and they’ve run out of ideas for unique gameplay. Lots of repetition from earlier special events. Unless they do a major overhaul reboot soon, tapped out is exactly that. This latest event iis incredibly repetitive = totally boring.

  8. Hm, not sure it like other events … This time you can hardly win anything..😏. Got the statue , a second Monsarno building and a walking tomato up to now … (But there sure is a lot of tapping to be done 😆😐😟).

  9. I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting the Farmer’s Market. I’m a little more than half-way there with only about a day to go. I’m definitely not making it. 😦

  10. Like you I’m only about hallway to getting the farmers market. I have nearly enough corn but only about half the fertiliser that I need. For this reason I am hoping that they will leave the farmers market in and let us get it in Act 2. The only thing that has been good in this event is the mystery boxes. I have done well through these, but other than that I believe its been a waste of time.

  11. Going to be short… For the market, and the little Tomacco guy… Sigh. Play every day… They just made this impossible! Wow! Shame.

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