What Is ‘Cecil’s Tasks’?


Fairly early in the event you’ll be prompted by Cecil to complete a series of tasks known as ‘Cecil’s Tasks’. Here’s how they work;

  • There are four tasks to complete each day
  • The day resets at midnight (12am) GMT
  • The tasks vary in length from 1 – 6 hours
  • The tasks are generated randomly so not everyone will have the same tasks
  • Completing the tasks earns you event currency
  • The cost of rushing these tasks costs TRIPLE that of a regular task of the same length
  • The tasks you get depend on what characters you have unlocked

A list of possible tasks and the characters that can complete them will be available tomorrow as I’m still digging through the files to get all of the relevant info for you guys!


Tomorrows Tunnel Is Going To Be Tough!

Here’s a list of tasks that will consist of tomorrows tunnel mission. By the looks of it, this is going to be a pretty tough one to complete!

Task: Make Springfielders Make Toys (x17) (4h)
Task: Make Homer Hoard Toys in the Basement (3h)
Task: Make Homer Squish Happy Little Elves on his myPad (2h)

Note that all characters that you have unlocked are eligible to complete the first task