Phase 2 Is LIVE!

Hey guys, sorry for the radio silence lately, my computer has given up on me again but I should have access to a laptop from tomorrow.

Until then, phase 2 has gone live and new prizes, and purchases have been made available. I’ll have an in depth look at it all tomorrow. Talk soon guys!


3 thoughts on “Phase 2 Is LIVE!

  1. Of course! While this is a very creative event And I do like the premise of it, you’ve got to be kidding me EA!
    When the event first started, I was so excited to get Bob, his son, and his wife, Francesca. But of course! You make us pay the usual price of 150 doughnuts each for one. Francesca O really wanted but of course I’d have to pay doughnuts which I do not intend on doing. Almost every female character has gotten crap treatment in this game. Almost none of them have voices (I’m already guessing Francesca won’t be voiced), and they’re almost always premium! I mean really. At least we Judith Underdunk.
    And how the hell are we supposed to get the few buildings in this event? I mean the craft able ones? By the time phase one ends, I’m only 2/3 of the way to getting the farmers market, but rather than adding 2 new currencies to upgrade and craft for phase 2 while also leaving the old ones, I had to get rid of my precious corn seed to upgrade the research center…UGH EA!
    Rant… Over… for now….

    • Agree, Chris. Some new prices need fertilizer and mais too. New plants/Bobs give less of these for also mixed with the new items (..gas mask? ). So, krrrr 😬, teeth grinding again. I am also still saving for the market ( 2/3) now) , don t expect much more to win this event, except the penitentiary, a non-crafting item ( what, a prison again? What is this pre-occupation with punishment I wonder?) .

      • Terrific point about the prisons… And why are most building huge anymore? Running out of space!

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