Last Chance To Get The Good Mystery Box!

A quick reminder that at 9am GMT tomorrow morning EA will be removing the mystery box as it stands in its current form, most likely back to the old crappy one so if you want something out of it, get it while you can because you don’t have long left!


20 thoughts on “Last Chance To Get The Good Mystery Box!

  1. Whew! Thank goodness My free Mystery Box was today! Actually my phone glitched and didn’t save after I got my free box (I got my 3rd new van :/) and I got to open it again when i switched to my iPad! Lucky for me I got Kearny!

  2. I got very lucky. I got blue Haired Lawyer, Kearney, the News van, the tire fire, and 30 donuts. I also had two dud minnow ponds, but the free donuts made up for it.

  3. What do you mean? The newer Mystery Box never left! It never had a limited time thing. And it’s still on the daily thing.

  4. Something’s wrong with level 52. I bought the slaughter house but the quest line won’t continue and my game says level 52 even though I was at level 52 the first day of the update

  5. yes already use that site but do like this one as well was just wondering if anyone knew any thing that’s all but if hes having problems will just wait for him to be back on line

  6. There are a ridiculous amount of buildings in this update. I was out of space before it started so I am having to get rid of stuff to make space. More land might help, but I think the app would grind to a halt. It’s already struggling on older hardware. They need something like krustyland to give us more space, but need to make it a lot more seamless. Perhaps move squid port to its own map.

    • I love the Squidpory, just maxed out my planks! Lots of buildings can be placed there. Put the opera there.

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