Last Chance To Get The Good Mystery Box!

A quick reminder that at 9am GMT tomorrow morning EA will be removing the mystery box as it stands in its current form, most likely back to the old crappy one so if you want something out of it, get it while you can because you don’t have long left!


Here’s The New Splash Screen

Here’s what the new splash screen for our latest event looks like and, for the first time in Tapped Out history, Homer is NOT featured on it. He isn’t even the app icon! What do you guys think of it?

The Update Is LIVE Now!


The update has been released on both the iOS and Android stores. I’m not too sure about Kindle but they usually end up waiting a little bit longer than others. The event kicks off automatically upon login with a conversation between Cecil, Lisa and Homer.

The first task is for Cecil to make amends. It will take 4 hours, Cecil is awarded for free to every player. More info coming guys, stay tuned!

Level 51 Is Here!

EA have given us a new new level, with 2 highly sought after characters!

Level 51 has brought with it 2 characters, Marvin Monroe and Frank Grimes as well as the Monroe Family Treatment Centre, Dr. Monroe’s headstone and Frank Grimes’ tombstone.

Now, I can’t give you any more info then that right now as its almost midnight here and I need to go to bed! I will however have everything you need tomorrow! Have a good night guys!

The Homer Buddha Is Gone…

You may or may not have noticed that over the past few days the Homer Buddha is no longer in the store. That is, it’s gone for now. It was removed in the update that added the new mystery box, most likely due to the odds of winning good prizes in the new mystery box inevitably meant that sales of the Homer Buddha would basically stop so they removed it.

It will return, along with the old mystery box on May 1st.

How’s The Mystery Box Treating You?

So the mystery box is all new and improved since our latest update and everyone’s been given a free one to celebrate. I myself got 2 for free because of the daily bonus, and I bought a few. Here’s what I got and keep in mind I already have all the unique items;

— Itchy and Scratchy Billboard
— Channel 6 News Van
— Channel 6 News Van
— 10 Doughnuts

So as you can see I done quite well, more importantly though, how did you get on?

Those Stupid Brick Walls….

So last night I decided to create a sort of a ”Millionaires Row” in my Springfield by way of creating a small sectioned off area for all of the mansions in the game. My original plan was to surround this area with red brick walls so as to keep out the ”riffraff” so to speak. But, I cant.

Thanks to a recent update, the normal red brick walls are smaller than the graffiti ones, as shown above. Not only that, but they also only rotate two ways and depending on where you want to place them, they don’t meet properly at the corner.

So now I need to figure out a new way to section off the area as I just don’t think the other walls in the game will give me the effect I’m looking for. What are your thoughts on the new brick walls? I think they are completely stupid!

Update Available

An App Store update has been released and it has removed the snow and all other Christmas related event items.

You should know however that the plain red brick wall has been resized. It’s now just about the same size as the concrete wall and they do not meet at the corners anymore.

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