Where Did The Monsarno Building Come From?

I’ve seen a few people asking on a few different sites asking why EA chose to base a whole event around a completely random and made up building rather then choose one of the hundreds of better known buildings. Well, fact is, this building HAS been on the show before. Here’s a screenshot of it;

This shot was taken from the episode ‘The Man Who Grew Too Much’ from which we also received an episode tie-in. In the episode Sideshow Bob actually does work here so it makes perfect sense that we get an event based around it. The only question is, is there anyone brave enough to try and recreate what they see in the picture? I won’t be because I like to make up my own layouts and designs as I go along!


Here’s The New Splash Screen

Here’s what the new splash screen for our latest event looks like and, for the first time in Tapped Out history, Homer is NOT featured on it. He isn’t even the app icon! What do you guys think of it?

A Quick Quest Run Through

Here’s a quick overview of the first couple of tasks for the Terwilliger Family Event!

  • Make Cecil Make Amends (4 hours)
  • Make Springfielders Vote on Whether Cecil Can Stay x4 (1 hour)
  • Build Monsarno Research
  • Make Cletus Make a Donation to Science (8 hours)
  • Upgrade Monsarno Research to Level 3 and
    Make Homer Advance Food Science (4 hours)
  • Make Lisa Protest Monsarno Playing God (4 hours)
  • Make Lisa Free the Mutant Vegetables (1 hour)
  • Deploy Mutant Seedlings in Other Springfields
  • Craft Springfield Farmers Market

The Update Is LIVE Now!


The update has been released on both the iOS and Android stores. I’m not too sure about Kindle but they usually end up waiting a little bit longer than others. The event kicks off automatically upon login with a conversation between Cecil, Lisa and Homer.

The first task is for Cecil to make amends. It will take 4 hours, Cecil is awarded for free to every player. More info coming guys, stay tuned!

What Would You Like To See Next?

What’s up guys! As you may have noticed the premium walkthroughs for Level 51 have been a bit delayed as I have been a lot busier then expected this week but I really do hope to get them out to you within the next 24 hours.

Anyway, on with the point if this post, what you’d like to see next! Now, we just got Level 51 last week but I am already looking forward – forward to what the next event might be!

Traditionally we have always gotten a bug update in April, so I see no reason why this month will be no different, in the past we’ve gotten Whacking Day which was awesome and Easter, which is quite possible the worst event they’ve ever created.

Moving forward, April is obviously a mixed bag of the good and the bad, but what, if anything, would you like to see as the next event? Don’t forget to include any ideas you have about the event like currency, prizes or storylines!

Walkthrough: Physician, Heal Thyself

After tapping on Marvin Monroe’s exclamation mark:
Tapped Out Marvin Monroe Icon.png So many patients… I’ve never been this stressed.
Tapped Out Marvin Monroe Icon.png I should really speak to a therapist.
Tapped Out Marvin Monroe Icon.png I’m lucky enough to have access to the best — and only — therapist in Springfield!
Task: Make Marvin Monroe Psychoanalyze Dr. Marvin Monroe (Walk-In Therapy Stand)
Tapped Out Marvin Monroe Icon.png What a great session. I feel so much better now.
Tapped Out Marvin Monroe Icon.png I’ll just tally up the bill and…
Tapped Out Marvin Monroe Icon.png Six hundred dollars?! That’s insane!
Tapped Out Marvin Monroe Icon.png You psychiatrists are crooks! I should report you to the authorities, Dr. Monroe!
Tapped Out Marvin Monroe Icon.png Go ahead. Of course, then you’d have to admit you saw a psychiatrist.
Tapped Out Marvin Monroe Icon.png Ooh, can’t do that. Here, take your blood money!
Tapped Out Marvin Monroe Icon.png Yay! I’m rich!

Bought The Grave But Can’t Find Frank?

Tapped Out Frank Grimes.png

So I would imagine that at least a few of you have spent 160 of your hard earned doughnuts on the Forgotten Grave only to discover that upon placement, Frank Grimes doesn’t appear. Well fret not my grave buying friends, all you need to do is complete part 4 of the ‘Tell-Tale Plant Worker’ quests and he’ll be yours to boss around as you please.

The walkthrough for this and the other quests are coming right up!