I’m Afraid It’s Goodbye….


Dear Friends,

It seems like just yesterday I was sitting at my computer following the demise of tstonews wondering what to do next. Wondering, where I could get the information I needed to play the game to get the most fun out of it. Then I thought, well why don’t I set up a website? Tapped Out Daily was born out of this idea.

So I set out on my way to setting up a website that was in the same vein as tstonews, only better and more regularly. I wanted it to be a friendly, funny place where fans of the game could come and express their views fairly and without criticism, because of you, the fans, and now friends – this was made possible and then surpassed.

This site has been in operation for almost 2 years and in that time I have covered some of the games best (and worst) moments.This site went live on August 11 2013 and it’s been nothing but an amazing experience since then. It is because of you and your dedication to this site that has made this journey possible.

But I am afraid it’s time for me to say goodbye. Know that this is not my choice, Know that I am being forced to stop publishing articles on this site by a third party. Know that if I could continue to report on the game for you, I would jump at the chance. I will miss you, your opinions and the conversations that some of us would have in the comment section of some articles.

I have sent the last month and a half try to come up with a compromise that would allow me to continue but sadly no deal could be reached. The site will remain open in the sense that you will still be able to post and find friends and access EA’s official support centre using the menu bar above.

Although I will no longer be able to post here, feel free to find me on the EA forums, username alzo93, and send me a PM if you’d like my help with anything. I may set up a new site on another platform, but I will need some time to think it over first. Should I decide to do that, I will put it in my sig on the EA forums.

I will not end this letter with goodbye as it just seems to ‘final’ to me, instead all I will say is, until the next  time.

     – TappedOutDaily.


Updated Menu Bar

I’ve updated the sites menu bar with a new tab called ‘Contact EA’. Clicking on the link will now take you directly to the Simpsons dedicated help section and give you the ability to message with tech support to try and resolve any issue you might have.

If you have any other suggestions on how I can improve the site, drop a comment below and I’ll see what I can do!

The End Is Nigh!

The ‘Clash of Clones’ event is finally set to end in less then a week, I don’t know about you but I cannot WAIT for it to end. In my opinion, this event, although very well executed and had a feature I’d been hoping for for a while, was way too long! What do you think is next for us, I for one am 85% sure that Halloween is next and it will, of course, be amazing if the last two were anything to go by!

SIDE NOTE: I’d like to apologise for not posting/playing very much since the end of the week but personal circumstances got in the way. Not to go in to too much detail, it involved a possible broken foot, and a house with no power. You have no idea how awful it is being without tech and TSTO. Sadly, this doesn’t look like it’s going to be fixed today either but I will keep you updated as per how I will be posting in the future if this power issue drags out for much longer.

Gil’s Gone!

After a small, unnoticeable update this morning, Gil and his special doughnut deal have been removed from the game. Nothing else changed with this update.

In regards to the image I posted yesterday that said an App Store update would be occurring sometime this week, new information has come to light that suggests that the image was photo-shopped and is in fact fake. Of course that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting one but just to be sure, I’ve sent a tweet from the @TappedOutDaily twitter account asking the same question posed in the image I posted yesterday. As EA don’t begin responding to that twitter account until 9AM CST it will be a little while before I receive a response. So keep an eye on our twitter page and this site as I will post any information I can get from EA.


Side Note: Family Guy the Game appears to be a bit glitchy with none of my posts being uploaded to the servers for publishing after they are written. I am in contact with the help team to resolve this and hope to have more info on it soon. Sorry guys!

Happy Birthday To Us!

I have some great news to share with you guys, this day one year ago I created Tapped Out Daily! In the beginning I mostly just posted ‘Should I Buy’s?’ and info on old events. But look at what we have since become! Of course none of what is available today would even be here without readers like you so I just want to say a big thank you to all of our readers and to the guys you don’t see, the one responsible for moderating all of your amazing comments – so thank you guys! I’ve had a blast reporting on updates, bugs and glitches over the last year and I look forward to continuing that tradition! Have a great day everyone!

A Quick Heads Up

I just wanted to let you know that there will be a bit of a lull in regards to replying to comments this week and next as my end of year college exams started today so I’ll need to divide my attention between here and there. Marc is also pretty busy for the next while too but we will try to respond to your questions and comments when its reasonable enough for us to do so.

I will continue to post during this time so you still get all of the regular updates that your used to getting! Site redesign has taken a bit of a back seat for now but come the end of next week, it’ll be in full swing again!

Thanks in advance for your understanding!

More Event Pages Have Been Published

Fotor0313195238RedRocketsAndroidThe event pages for Thanksgiving 2012 and the 4th of July 2013 are now available for viewing. As usual you will see the full questlines as well all of the other things that was added with that update. You can access them by going to the ‘Events’ page and making your selection. More will be made available soon.